Performance for Life

The Performance for Life motto is “Life is an Athletic Event”. This sums up the enthusiasm the doctors at Priority Chiropractic have to live their lives to the fullest and why they share that enthusiasm with their family, colleagues, friends and patients daily.

Performance, whether it be on a professional, Olympic or everyday warrior level, is how we gauge our ability to show up for life, in whatever situations we find ourselves.  Far too many people, are unaware that they are adapting to lower and lower levels of performance. They begin to accept that it is “part of getting older” or due to a past illness or injury and find ways to accommodate.  But what if you didn’t have to accommodate? What if you didn’t have to adapt? By the time you realize that you are dealing with something physically slowing you down, it already has! What if there was a way to check for this BEFORE you start noticing the negative effects?

Drs. Anna and Tim - always on the leading edge of performance and what they can integrate into their practices - were among the first chiropractors to be trained in the Performance for Life Method™. This method that allows the doctor to uncover adaptations in a patient’s body and nervous systems and pinpoint a correction path.

Patients love it because they can immediately feel the difference. Athletes love it because their performance increases measurably. The doctors love it because it gives them the insight into the uniqueness of a patient’s condition and allows for the right correction at the right time.

If you want to engage more fully in your life, the Performance for Life MethodTM is a great place to start!

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